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Serenity - Santa monica

Located in Santa Monica, California, Serenity is a post-surgical aftercare facility meeting the needs of the plastic surgery and elective surgery patient. Located within a licensed medical setting, Serenity combines the best of a luxury hotel with the advantage of a modern hospital, all in a single location. At Serenity, you will experience the care, comfort, and security that are essential to your recovery.

Serenity is a post-surgical aftercare facility offering 24 hour licensed nursing care in Santa Monica, Ca. We serve doctors and patients from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, as well as patients visiting from other national and international locations


& Benefits

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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

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  • 24-hour care giving staff
  • Fun and joyful activities
  • Beauty and barber services
  • Wifi and cable amenities

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  • 1010 Avenue of the Moon New York, NY 10018 US.
  • +1 628 123 4000
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7882 Longbranch Rd Wooster, New York

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+(84) 4130 0555

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